Sewage Lines Inspection – 2/6/2016

The City is moving up a plan to have several Sewage lines viewed by camera in our Greenbrier Neighborhood.  That would be followed by subsequent cleaning out remedies, etc.  This was indicated to begin around February 23rd.  I received notice over the weekend they are starting the camera viewing today, February 6, 2017.  This is being done by private contracting, therefore it appears the City has overall less control on any timing.

The following is a letter to our President, Bill Stafford:

Mr. Stafford,

Thank you for taking time to speak with me last week. As we discussed, attached is a map of the area, where the City will be working, and the “red” indicates where the sewer mains will be lined. This lining process is to hopefully avoid any future open cut excavation in these areas. .While this process may cause some slight inconvenience, it is far less intrusive than digging up the streets. The following is approximately how the process works and hopefully, close to the dates our contractor has conveyed to us.

Week of the 23rd; cleaning and pre-tv will take place. This will be just a vacuum truck and a TV camera truck, which should only slightly impede traffic. Vehicles should be able to get around the trucks, with ease, using caution.  This process should only take a couple (2) days.

Then, toward the end of February, early March, the actual lining process will take place. This process will take up approximately 2 to 3 days, and working hours will be restricted to 7 am to 7 pm. This will be slightly more involved and residents will see more activity, but vehicle traffic will still be able to ingress/egress, with caution.

Closer to the actual lining process, I will make contact with you again, so we can alert residents of the actual timing of the project.
Customers can utilize normal functions of our utilities, during the lining process. We may however, request that they limited their use of such activities as washing clothes, or running the dishwasher. Less water intrusion is better for the lining process and helps the contractor to more quickly complete the project.

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Update to Greenbrier Parkway Landscaping Project

The GPOA is continuing to work closely with our City Officials with regard to the closing of both lanes on the Greenbrier Parkway set to begin on Tuesday, February 7, 2017.

At this time, the City is hopeful they will not have to close both lanes of traffic, and if they do they are hopeful it will only be for short periods of time.

In the event both lanes are closed for any period of time, the City has been asked to do the following:

  1. Place cones or some sort of a barricade at the entrance to the Greenbrier Parkway at S. Glenburnie.
  2. Place cones or some sort of a barricade at the intersection of Pennyroyal and the Greenbrier Parkway so there will be ample space to turn around.
  3. Have a police officer available at the College Entrance/Exit to assist with traffic control during times that both lanes are closed on the Greenbrier Parkway.
  4. Take any additional measures necessary to ensure safety and damage.

The GPOA has asked the City for these additional measures for the safety of our neighbors and others, and so that traffic will not be impeded anymore than absolutely necessary.  In addition, we are trying keep the shoulders of the roadway on the Greenbrier Parkway from becoming damaged due to cars having to turn around.

We are very appreciative of our City Officials as they have remained open, communicative and helpful throughout this entire process.

The Presidents of each individual homeowner’s associations are being kept informed, by the GPOA, and will continue to be informed if changes arise.  Likewise, the GPOA will keep you informed of any additional information via GBMail and on our Website.


For more information on the Greenbrier Parkway Landscaping project just click here.

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Greenbrier Parkway Closing – 2/7/2017

The landscaping work approved by the membership in December is about to commence!  While we can be excited for the final outcome; there will be some initial inconvenience for us all.  Weather permitting, The City of New Bern will begin removing trees and replacing the soil on the island at the entrance of Greenbrier NEXT TUESDAY February 7th THE ENTRANCE TO GREENBRIER at Greenbrier Parkway may be closed during this work.

ALL TRAFFIC MUST UTILIZE the Craven Community College entrance while this work is being completed.  It is anticipated that the closure of the Greenbrier Parkway Entrance MAY be closed until Friday, February 10th.

Please use Clubhouse Drive to enter and leave Greenbrier.

As this schedule may change on very short notice, we will do our best to keep you apprised of the latest news and developments

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GPOA Board Minutes Posted

The November 7th and December 7th board meeting minutes are now posted on the WEB site.  They can be viewed on the Board Minutes page.

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Greenbrier Parkway Landscape Project

The GPOA has requested the membership to vote on the Greenbrier Parkway Landscape Project by December 10th.  A description of the project along with the development history associated with the Greenbrier Parkway can be viewed by clicking on here. The Ballot and the Cost Breakdown was distributed to the membership in their newspaper box.

The minutes from the November 17th Board meeting dedicated to the Landscape proposal can be viewed here.

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GPOA Amended Bylaws

The 7/13/2016 amended bylaws are now available on this WEB site.  You can view the amended bylaws by clicking here .

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It is that time of the year when membership dues are requested. Click on here to see how your 2017 membership dues support the GPOA.

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GPOA Volunteers Needed

Click on here to see the volunteers needed to support GPOA objectives.

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Greenbrier accepts Certificate of Appreciation

Greenbrier accepts Certificate of Appreciation for outstanding work with the New Bern Police Department in keeping Greenbrier safe.

L to R: Chief T. E. Summers, NBPD, John Harding and Jim Morrison Community Watch and Sgt. Maria

L to R: Chief T. E. Summers, NBPD, John Harding and Jim Morrison Community Watch and Sgt. Maria Perry-Bowen

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More Lake Issues

The heavy rain on Thursday night, Sept 22nd, caused a section of the berm to give way.  Jerry Briele, owner of The Emerald, is working with an engineer to find a way to resolve this.  Representatives from the City and the contractor met with Jerry at the site early Friday to access the situation. Stay tuned.
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