GPOA ByLaws Updated

The GPOA ByLaws were amended on August 25, 2018.  The new ByLaws document is now available on the WEB Site.

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Proposed By-Laws Changes Meeting – 8/25/2018

The Board of Directors of the GPOA has called for a “Special Meeting” for all members to participate on the discussion and acceptance of the proposed By-Laws changes.

Saturday, August 25, 2018
3:00 PM
Orringer Auditorium,
Craven County Community College, 800 College Court, New Bern

The Purposes of the Special Meeting are to:

  • Review and act on changes to our current By-Laws, as proposed by the By-Laws Committee, accepted by the GPOA Board, and reviewed by our new Registered Agent, Arey W. Grady, III, Esq., of Sumrell Sugg of New Bern.  For your information, our previous Registered Agent, B. Hunt Baxter, Jr., has passed away.
  • Other business to be discussed will be an update on current projects, and to receive feedback from members

Under the Greenbrier WEB Site Home menu item you will find a selection that contains links to all the documents  provided to explain the By-Laws changes in preparation for the meeting.

If you have difficulty downloading any of these items, all documents will be available at the Emerald Clubhouse, or can be obtained through the Board Secretary Dan Cashman, or by phoning him at 585-414-7730.
We hope that the location (Orringer Auditorium) will be convenient to you: there is ample and very comfortable seating, an excellent public address system, and convenient parking. 
We also hope that the time will be convenient to you:  Saturday allows working members to attend; and the afternoon time slot allows for folks to play golf, etc., before attending, and still have time to attend any evening events.
In closing, we thank each of you for your membership and your anticipated attention to the proposed changes.  And we look forward to seeing you on Saturday, August 25, at 3:00 PM. 
On behalf of the Board of Directors
Greenbrier Property Owners’ Association, Inc.
Rhona Beadle
Vice President and Director of Communications

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2018 Membership Form

The new 2018 Membership Form has been posted on the website under the membership menu item  You can download the new form for printing locally by clicking here.

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GPOA Board Member 2018 Nomination Form

Use this form to nominate a candidate for a position on the 2018 GPOA board. All candidates must be members in good standing and be willing to serve if elected. Candidates may nominate themselves or be nominated. In either case, the nominee must sign the form.

Click here to download the PDF of the nomination form. Once downloaded on your computer, you can print it out and fill it out with your candidate(s).  Use a separate copy for each candidate you wish to submit.  Then place the form(s) in an envelope marked with “NOMINATION FORM ENCLOSED.  Then mail the envelope to

Greenbrier Property Owners Association
P.O. Box 13943
New Bern, NC 28561

or leave in the GPOA mailbox located in the Emerald clubhouse.

The form must be submitted by Friday, November 10th to be included with the list of candidates.


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Living Greenbrier Video

The “LIVING GREENBRIER” video has been added the GPOA WEB Site.  You can access the video by selecting the Home/Living Greenbrier menu item.

The “LIVING GREENBRIER” video was produced based upon a recognized need to provide some insight into what life in Greenbrier Subdivision offers. The video provides support for those who have property for sale within Greenbrier, as well as others who may wish to learn a little more about our community lifestyle. We appreciate the support of the sponsors of the video and hope those who have the time to enjoy it, will do so.

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Special Meeting in a Town Hall format – May 1

The GPOA Board of Directors will hold a “Special Meeting” in a town hall format to share a Marketing Video presentation for Greenbrier Subdivision, and discuss and vote on the following:

Approval of a one-time donation of $10,000 to the Emerald Golf Club for the replacing of the Riser Barrels that controls water levels on the lake at Greenbrier Parkway and in front of the Ninth Hole of the Emerald.

When: Monday, May 1, 2017 at 6:30 PM
Where: The Emerald Golf Club, 5000 Clubhouse Dr., New Bern, NC
Description: Information, including the Engineer’s report, will be presented followed by a Q&A Period.
Voting will begin at the conclusion of the meeting and extend until Monday, May 8, 2017 at 1 PM.

This meeting is open to all members in good standing as of the date of the meeting.

In order to have a fair, productive meeting and make the best use of the time, the following ground rules will be employed.

  • Members wishing to speak will sign up at the meeting to assist with an orderly process.
  • The Board will monitor time in order to ensure that all concerns are heard.
  • The meeting will end no later than 8:30 PM

The engineer’s drawing of the new Riser Barrels can be viewed by clicking Engineer Drawing Riser Barrel.

Bring with you your Emerald Golf Course Donation Ballot following the meeting.

We request that voting begin no sooner than immediately after the Town Hall meeting and conclude at 1:00 PM on Monday May 8th, 2017.

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Greenbrier Easter Egg Hunt

Come Join the Fun!!
When?   Saturday, April 15 at 10:00AM
Where?   Bear Park on Pine Valley Drive
Who can hunt for eggs?   Children up to 8 years old
Children must bring their own Easter basket for egg collection.
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City Public Works Annoucement



Yard waste – limbs and branches (loose and in bags), will be picked
up on Thursday, April 13.

Please have all materials for pick up available
(Not on the street) Wednesday night this week.

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Sewer Repair on April 8 – Laurel Valley Drive

The City of New Bern has been preparing to do work on some of the pipes in the area and install several new linings. The following is David Tennant’s letter to Bill Stafford.

In light that Easter is on the weekend we had planned on making the sewer repair, we are moving our schedule up, and we are going to make the repair, this weekend. (4.8.17)

Sorry for the short notice, but overall, probably better for everyone, seeing that folks may have visitors Easter weekend.

Thank you

David Tennant
Water Resources Project Coordinator
210 Kale Road
New Bern, NC 28562
Department of Public Utilities
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Greenbrier Loan Closet

New Volunteer Coordinator Wanted

Greenbrier residents, in case you did not see my “ad” in the last two issues of our Greenbrier Gazette, I want to make sure that everyone has the opportunity to consider taking over the Volunteer position of Loan Closet Coordinator for Greenbrier.
For the past 10 years I have been coordinating the distribution and acquirement of both medical equipment and children’s items for our community via our Medical and Children’s Equipment Loan Closet.


It is now time for me to “pass the torch” on to some one (or a team of two or more).
I am happy to say that during my tenure in this volunteer position, I have been able to acquire a significant inventory (I inherited from my predecessor who moved to Georgia only a limited number of items). Through the generosity of so many of you over the years, we can now service multiple people wanting/needing the same items at the same time.



  • A willingness to meet neighbors and a kind heart
  • Storage Space Needed:  ½ of a 2-car insulated garage
  • Equipment Needed: voice mail–either on a land line or a cell phone


Someone calls with a request, and after a simple recording form is completed, they either pick up the item(s) or it/they are delivered. (When time to return these items, the borrower calls to set up a day/time to return them).






A volunteer position someone can do from home. No special training is required nor is any certification needed.



call Helene Conklin at 252-638-5250.



IF NO ONE STEPS UP TO TAKE THIS MUCH-NEEDED POSITION IN OUR COMMUNITY, THE LOAN CLOSET WILL NO LONGER EXIST (and all equipment will be donated to several low-income-oriented nursing homes).


Thank you for your time in considering accepting this position.


Helene Conklin,
Volunteer Coordinator,
Greenbrier Medical & Children’s Equipment Loan Closet.
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