“Home on the Range” Benefit concert for RCS

Important information for Greenbrier residents

On Sunday October 2nd from 5:00 pm to 8 pm the Emerald is hosting the event with expectations of a very large turnout.  For more information about the concert, please contact Kim Briele or Shannon LuQuire at www.newbernconcerts.com.  A brief description of Home on the Range can be found by clicking here.

The GPOA is not involved in the marketing or production of this event in any way.  This notice is to provide Greenbrier residents with the facts about the event so that you can be aware of the activity in our community on Sunday Oct 2nd.

Since we do not have an email address for everyone in Greenbrier, I have requested the concert organizers place a flyer in every Greenbrier paper box.


Residents asked to use the main entrance only.  As you enter, IDs may be requested by a guard located at Greenbrier Parkway and Rosemary.  This is to identify residents.  (There were plans to distribute passes for residents coming and going but those plans are no longer valid-so, no passes will be issued)  If you are stopped, please have your driver’s license available so that the guard can see that you are a resident of Greenbrier.

Are you expecting GUESTS on Sunday, Oct 2nd?

Guest Passes will be available for distribution on September 29th at the Emerald for anyone who is anticipating guests on the day of the concert. Officers will be instructed to look for the colored pass on the rear view mirror to make it more convenient for the guests, but passes are not required. Guests without a pass will let the officer know they are visiting a resident. The pass for guests allows traffic to flow more smoothly.

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More Lake Issues

The heavy rain on Thursday night, Sept 22nd, caused a section of the berm to give way.  Jerry Briele, owner of The Emerald, is working with an engineer to find a way to resolve this.  Representatives from the City and the contractor met with Jerry at the site early Friday to access the situation. Stay tuned.
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Important Update- Pond on Greenbrier Parkway

pond-overflow-construction-1Construction has begun on the berm that will control the water level in the lake on the 9th hole. Work is expected to be completed by the weekend.  The water level may recede further to facilitate the construction.pond-overflow-construction-2

Thank you,
GPOA Drainage Committee

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GPOA Mid Year Membership Meeting

On July 13 the GPOA held their Mid-Year membership meeting.  The meeting minutes are posted on the GPOA WEB site.  You can view them by clicking on here or selecting the Minutes & Meetings menu tab and selecting the 2016 Mid-Year Meeting link.

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Message from the GPOA Board, July 29, 2016

Greetings friends and neighbors. Just to give you an update of our work to date on the Lakes/Ponds drainage issues.

Your GPOA has been working diligently to facilitate and expedite the repair of equipment which controls the flow of water into several bodies of water in Greenbrier. Since the Emerald Golf Course owns the lakes/ponds that abut the golf course, the GPOA has no authority to direct work or pay for required repairs. What we can do is serve as a facilitator between multiple parties – The Emerald, City of New Bern, GPOA, individual property owners.

Despite a visual lack of progress, there has been movement in the right direction. Various infrastructure repairs to road and pipes have been made by the City. Jerry Briele – Emerald Club Owner/Manager is meeting with contractors to get quotes for price and method of repair for equipment in the lake. The GPOA has maintained constant contact with City officials at the highest level to help broker any available City resources.

This is a complex issue and development of an action plan has been fraught with complications. The situation remains fluid, but is moving through a critical stage; securing a contractor to do the actual lake repair.

We are all anxious about this situation and we appreciate the concerns everyone must have regarding property values. Please rest assured, we are devoting all of our resources to affect a resolution to this issue. We will continue to post updates on the usual GPOA forums and email blasts like this one.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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Public Notice:

GPOA announces the 2016 By-Laws Revisions!

The revisions will soon be posted on this site for Members to review. In early June, GPOA members will receive a mailing with the Revisions and Ballot. The meeting will be held on June 22nd from 6 to 7 PM at the Emerald for GPOA Members to discuss revisions.

GPOA Mid-Year Membership Meeting

The meeting will be held on July 13th starting at 6 PM at the Emerald.  Refreshments will be served.  The By-Law Revision Ballots will be counted.  Two-thirds of membership is needed to pass the revisions.

GPOA has launched our re-enrollment process for the Greenbrier Property Owners Association for 2016.

Please support the community wide responsibilities of the Greenbrier Property Owners Association by joining the organization (GPOA). You will find on the  Membership page an informational letter and ‘form’ which, when filled in and returned by you with a check for 2016 dues ($65.00), completes your re-enrollment for 2016. Click here to see where the membership fee goes and why you should join.


The Greenbrier Property Owners Association (GPOA) is the largest of eight independent homeowners associations that serve Greenbrier. Most Greenbrier property owners belong to the GPOA because it represents all Greenbrier property owners in matters that affect the entire community, such as beautification, covenant enforcement, development in the adjacent areas, government policies, press relations, police protection, road maintenance, emergency planning, and disaster assistance. Look around the website … visit different pages … download resources. Above all – Enjoy!, police protection, road maintenance, emergency planning, and disaster assistance. Look around the website … visit different pages … download resources. Above all – Enjoy!

Join Brier Bear for a walk through the renovated Nature Trail at Bear Park.  This completed GPOA project is available for all to enjoy.  See PICTURES of the project from start to finish.      

Visit our “Minutes & Meetings” page to view our latest meeting minutes & pictures. 

Visit Public Notices to view current postings pertinent to all Greenbrier Residents.
Visit The Emerald Golf Club.
Enjoy the Greenbrier Gazette, our community monthly newsletter.

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