Official copies of the Bylaws, Articles of Incorporation, and Covenants are recorded in the Office of the Craven County Register of Deeds.  Copies of the documents governing our community are available by using the following links:

GPOA Bylaws

(The Bylaws include the name, purpose, definitions, meetings, terms of office of directors, nomination & elections, meetings, power and duties of the board, officers & duties, committees, books & records, corporate seal, amendments, and miscellaneous items of the GPOA Board.)

GPOA Articles of Incorporation

(The Articles of Incorporation include the name, address, registered agent, objectives, powers, membership & voting rights, duration, Board of Directors, mergers, and dissolution process for the GPOA.)

GPOA Covenants:

Overview of Covenants
GPOA ACC Establishment
Greenbrier Sections, Lots, and Map  (Look up your lot to see which Section applies.)
Section I Covenants
Section II Covenants
Section III A Covenants
Section III B Covenants
Section III C Covenants
Section IV A Covenants
Section IV B Covenants
Section V Covenants
Section VI A Covenants
Section VI B Covenants

Architectural and Covenant Committee (ACC) Regulations and Guidelines:

ACC Establishment
Building Standards & Lot Prep
Additions & Outbuildings Policy
Procedures for ACC Review
APPLICATION – New Home Construction
APPLICATION – Additions & Outbuildings
ACC Appeal Process

The following are the enforceable Standards, Rules, Guidelines, and Policies that the ACC is tasked to monitor for the Greenbrier Property Owners Association:

Frequently Asked Covenant & ACC Questions