Update to Greenbrier Parkway Landscaping Project

The GPOA is continuing to work closely with our City Officials with regard to the closing of both lanes on the Greenbrier Parkway set to begin on Tuesday, February 7, 2017.

At this time, the City is hopeful they will not have to close both lanes of traffic, and if they do they are hopeful it will only be for short periods of time.

In the event both lanes are closed for any period of time, the City has been asked to do the following:

  1. Place cones or some sort of a barricade at the entrance to the Greenbrier Parkway at S. Glenburnie.
  2. Place cones or some sort of a barricade at the intersection of Pennyroyal and the Greenbrier Parkway so there will be ample space to turn around.
  3. Have a police officer available at the College Entrance/Exit to assist with traffic control during times that both lanes are closed on the Greenbrier Parkway.
  4. Take any additional measures necessary to ensure safety and damage.

The GPOA has asked the City for these additional measures for the safety of our neighbors and others, and so that traffic will not be impeded anymore than absolutely necessary.  In addition, we are trying keep the shoulders of the roadway on the Greenbrier Parkway from becoming damaged due to cars having to turn around.

We are very appreciative of our City Officials as they have remained open, communicative and helpful throughout this entire process.

The Presidents of each individual homeowner’s associations are being kept informed, by the GPOA, and will continue to be informed if changes arise.  Likewise, the GPOA will keep you informed of any additional information via GBMail and on our Website.


For more information on the Greenbrier Parkway Landscaping project just click here.

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