Greenbrier Parkway Closing – 2/7/2017

The landscaping work approved by the membership in December is about to commence!  While we can be excited for the final outcome; there will be some initial inconvenience for us all.  Weather permitting, The City of New Bern will begin removing trees and replacing the soil on the island at the entrance of Greenbrier NEXT TUESDAY February 7th THE ENTRANCE TO GREENBRIER at Greenbrier Parkway may be closed during this work.

ALL TRAFFIC MUST UTILIZE the Craven Community College entrance while this work is being completed.  It is anticipated that the closure of the Greenbrier Parkway Entrance MAY be closed until Friday, February 10th.

Please use Clubhouse Drive to enter and leave Greenbrier.

As this schedule may change on very short notice, we will do our best to keep you apprised of the latest news and developments

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