Greenbrier Property Owners Association
P.O. Box 13943, New Bern, NC 28561

Dear Greenbrier Neighbor,



Dear Greenbrier Property Owner,

We ask all owners of Greenbrier properties to pay $75 PER YEAR to support the community-wide responsibilities of the Greenbrier Property Owners Association by joining the organization (GPOA). These dues allows the GPOA to:

  1. Provide dollars to mow common areas, maintain treed sections, manage Bear Park and seasonably update plantings at both entrances.

  2. Update and publish the Greenbrier Directory.
  3. Manage an Architectural and Covenant Committee (ACC) organized to ensure covenant compliance among residents.

    • GPOA intervenes to oblige a presentable appearance for vacant and foreclosed properties.
    • The ACC keeps Greenbrier equal to standards that guided your decision to purchase here.
  4. Maintain relations with local government officials so you spend less time doing so.
  5. Track city and county decisions that might affect both Greenbrier residents and properties.
  6. Provide a Welcome Committee, garage sale signs, social events and an annual all-member meeting.
  7. Work to ensure Greenbrier receives positive comments from local Realtors and prospective buyers.

Sincerely, Carol Hill, Treasurer

Make your dues check payable to Greenbrier Property Owners Association.

    • Mail this form and your check to the GPOA, PO Box 13943, New Bern, NC 28561 OR place this form and your dues in the GPOA Mailbox in The Emerald Clubhouse located near the pro shop.
  • You will receive a GPOA membership sticker for your mailbox in the spring once the temperatures rise above 50 degrees.

Detach below and return with your check. PLEASE PRINT the following information:

Dues amount enclosed: $_________ Additional (OPTIONAL) contribution ________

Your name _____________________________________________________

Mailing address __________________________ Phone Number ____________

___ I Live out of town. Please post the membership decal on my mailbox for me.

Your membership entitles you to be a GPOA email subscriber. These are special notices about upcoming events, road closures, etc., that are sent ONLY to GPOA members from a member of the GPOA Board. These emails are NOT published in the directory. Please give us the email address you would like us to use.

First person’s email address _________________________________________

Second person’s email address _______________________________________

A PDF file of the GPOA Membership Enrollment is available for download, just click here.