Sewage Lines Inspection – 2/6/2016

The City is moving up a plan to have several Sewage lines viewed by camera in our Greenbrier Neighborhood.  That would be followed by subsequent cleaning out remedies, etc.  This was indicated to begin around February 23rd.  I received notice over the weekend they are starting the camera viewing today, February 6, 2017.  This is being done by private contracting, therefore it appears the City has overall less control on any timing.

The following is a letter to our President, Bill Stafford:

Mr. Stafford,

Thank you for taking time to speak with me last week. As we discussed, attached is a map of the area, where the City will be working, and the “red” indicates where the sewer mains will be lined. This lining process is to hopefully avoid any future open cut excavation in these areas. .While this process may cause some slight inconvenience, it is far less intrusive than digging up the streets. The following is approximately how the process works and hopefully, close to the dates our contractor has conveyed to us.

Week of the 23rd; cleaning and pre-tv will take place. This will be just a vacuum truck and a TV camera truck, which should only slightly impede traffic. Vehicles should be able to get around the trucks, with ease, using caution.  This process should only take a couple (2) days.

Then, toward the end of February, early March, the actual lining process will take place. This process will take up approximately 2 to 3 days, and working hours will be restricted to 7 am to 7 pm. This will be slightly more involved and residents will see more activity, but vehicle traffic will still be able to ingress/egress, with caution.

Closer to the actual lining process, I will make contact with you again, so we can alert residents of the actual timing of the project.
Customers can utilize normal functions of our utilities, during the lining process. We may however, request that they limited their use of such activities as washing clothes, or running the dishwasher. Less water intrusion is better for the lining process and helps the contractor to more quickly complete the project.

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